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Thanks a lot for considering Lets Ride for your first track day! This page is dedicated to giving you the information you need on how to prepare for and what to expect at your first track day.

If you think of any other questions after reviewing this page or just want to talk with someone, feel free to call us any time, we are happy to help!

Check out the video to see A Day at Lets Ride ...

Thanks again, myself and the entire Lets Ride crew look forward to riding with you on the track!


David Bozarth & Mark and Colleen Longo, Owner

Lets Ride Track Days



What do I need for a track day?

You will need a motorcycle and riding gear:

  • Leather suit - Either a one piece OR a two piece that zips together. Suits must zip together all the way around at the waist. No exposed torso front or rear is acceptable.
  • Helmet - A full face helmet that is DOT and Snell (or ECE-22) approved.
  • Gloves - Proper motorcycle riding gloves; should be leather and should cover your wrist
  • Boots - You must have motorcycle boots that cover your ankles. No slip ons!
  • Back protectors are highly recommended, but not required.

Does Lets Ride Provide, or Rent Motorcycles?

No. Most track day riders ride their own motorcycle. If you don't have a bike, or don't want to ride yours on the track, there are a couple companies that do provide sport bike rentals. A simple Google search should pull up two or three options here in CA.

Can I rent riding gear?

Yes. Please contact Let's Ride in advance to check availability and to reserve your size.

How do I prepare my bike for the track?

Bike Prep Checklist:

  • Tape over any lights: headlights, taillights, turn signals
  • Tape or remove your mirrors
  • Use duct tape to tape down your wheel weights
  • Check to make sure your throttle snaps back
  • Check your chain tension
  • Check to make sure all of your levers work; front break, clutch, rear brake, & shifter
  • Make sure no fluids are leaking and that there are no loose parts that could fall off.
  • You will need good tires with at least half their tread life left.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Check you tire pressure when you arrive at the track!
  • *License plate and kickstand ok.
  • *Safety wiring and water wetter are NOT required.
  • *It is not required, however if you or someone you know changes your oil before a track day PLEASE make sure your drain plug is secure!! Drain plugs that are screwed in too loose, or too tight, could fail. If your drain plug fails and you spill oil on the track, a cleaning fee will be assessed by the race track.

What group should I register for?

Register for the BEGINNER GROUP, also known as "C" Group. "C" Group is the slowest of the three groups and will give you an opportunity to become comfortable riding on a race track.

Is instruction available?

Yes. Lets Ride has put together an experienced crew of volunteer instructors. These volunteers love to teach and find great rewards in sharing their knowledge and helping new riders become more comfortable on the track. Lets Ride instructors will lead every "C" group through several sighting laps during the first session of every track day. After the sighting laps, you can continue to follow an instructor OR ride at your own pace. There is no charge to ride with an instructor, they are available all day! And if you don't find help on the track, you can always pair up with an instructor back at grid.

Do you offer a New Rider School?

Yes. For those interested in more formal and all day instruction, Lets Ride offers a Novice Rider School. Students will start their day at 8am with a drive around the race track. The instructor will stop to show you each corner & give you feedback about what to look for when you go out on track with your motorcycle. The first session on your motorcycle will be a slow sighting lap, followed by more instruction. The school will alternate between on track and off track instruction from 8am to 3pm. Students can continue to ride and practice their new skills until 5pm. The cost for the Novice Rider School is $100, plus the cost of the track day.

Visit the schedule page to check availability and to view available school dates. Click here for more information about the school.

What are some benefits of doing a track day?

#1, Safety! We all know that riding motorcycles can be a dangerous sport. The race track eliminates many of the hazards of street riding. There are no cars, mountains, or animals to collide with. Traffic is all one direction. The track is kept clean of dirt and debris. There are no police to issue speeding tickets. Immediate medical care is available, as we have an ambulance and two medics standing by at all times. We also keep flaggers positioned around the track to monitor track conditions and warn riders if a hazard does appear.

The race track is also a great place to concentrate on improving your skills. There are fewer distractions on the track than a public road, not to mention plenty of helpful people and volunteers to show you around. Try one and you'll be hooked. The track is a blast!

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