Novice Rider School

For New and Beginner Track Riders

The Teachers

Our instructors are very experienced and credible riders and rider coaches with various levels and many years of racing, street and track riding experience. We have put together a special program to introduce new track day riders to the race track, as well as to help beginner level riders develop their skills on the track.

Classroom Instruction


  • 8am - Orientation and a drive around the track
  • 9am - Questions / Answers
  • 9:40am - First Sighting Laps on your Motorcycle
  • 10am, 11am & 12pm - 35 minute classroom sessions
  • 1pm - Lunch break
  • 2pm, 3pm, & 4pm - students work with coaching staff on track


The Novice Rider School starts at 8am, one hour before the first riders enter the race track. During that first hour you will be given an orientation to the race track. Our instructors will drive you around the track in a support vehicle, giving you information and pointing out key spots to look for around the track; brake markers, turning points, and apexes. After the drive around the track you will attend a mandatory riders meeting where we will spend some time going over track safety, flags, and giving you more information about what to expect during your day.

Your first session on the track, on your motorcycle, will be at 9:40am. This first lap, and entire first 20 minute session are sighting laps for every rider on the track. Riders are split into small groups and lead around the track by instructors. The pace is slow and designed to help you become familiar with the track and also to look for some of the markers you learned about in the morning drive around the track.

35 minute classroom sessions will be held at the top of the hour from 10-12, breaking for lunch at 1pm. Classroom sessions will cover basic riding skills and techniques such as braking, entering and exiting a corner, an apex, and body position. Students will have time to ask questions and discuss real life scenarios.

The classroom instruction will offer you the verbal information you need to progress as a rider. The track time will give you an opportunity to practice and put into play what you have learned in the classroom. By the end of the day you will be more comfortable on the race track and you will see improvements in both your riding abilities and confidence level.



Novice Rider School: $100, plus the cost of the track day.

Track Day: $165-$375 depending on the day you choose.

*Note: School dates depend on instructor availability. We will be adding Novice Rider School dates to our calendar throughout the year.

Please visit the Schedule Page to check availability and to register!!!

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